About the resource
QRMv is a rich, interactive resource that aims to make qualitative research methodology engaging for students, easier to deliver for lecturers, as well as provide a great tool for researchers and professionals who wish to delve into the discipline for academic projects and market investigation.

The platform has been built using innovative digital storytelling techniques and user experience design to deliver the fundamentals of qualitative research methods to its philosophical roots, through clear and concise texts, rich professional articles and an array of film interviews with globally renowned experts.

Users will also be able to explore each topic further, with recommendations via links to numerous relevant articles, which will be pooled from leading academic databases and journals.
How to use the prototype
QRMv begins with an animation that introduces Qualitative Research Methods. The introductory animation transitions into four colourful bubbles, that make up the main interface of the resource, presenting four main menu options: Techniques, Approaches, Traditions, Philosophies. The prototype allows users to to explore one learning pathway: Techniques. By clicking on Techniques, the user is presented with a concise description of the topic. At this point, users will be able to access a selection of articles, associated with that particular topic. Then users can choose to delve deeper into the subject by choosing to read more, in which case the page expands into full view, where more information is written about the topic. We are constantly adding content to the platform with the aim of populating all of the bubbles with both video content and short descriptions of the topics. Each topic leads to a page, similar to the one presented in Techniques, where users can explore videos and access associated articles and books.
The team behind the project
QRMv is a collaboration between Lyfta, a Helsinki-based EdTech startup, who innovates in the field of interactive storytelling and education technology and Pia Polsa, Associate Professor at Hanken School of Economics. The project is supported by Liikesivistysrahasto and Hanken School of Economics. The creators of QRMv are pictured below.